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CyberSource Dental

Process your dental claims with accuracy and speed.


ComCom’s CyberSource Dental software uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to process and validate dental claims. The OCR software for dental features all of the same benefits as the medical software, such as an accelerated processing time, the ability to support a varying workload and the opportunity to significantly reduce labor costs within the company. This software is also equipped with Fuzzy Matching, which is ComCom’s signature data matching technology. The CyberSource Dental solution is specifically constructed to process the most popular paper dental claims, such as the ADA (American Dental Association) 2006 form.

The pricing model for our CyberSource Dental claims scanning solution is structured with a low implementation fee, which allows our clients to achieve a remarkably short payback on their investment. Also, there are no annual maintenance fees. Our clients only pay for what they use and are billed monthly, which has repeatedly proven to be less expensive than outsourcing your dental claims scanning.

• Complete “out-of-the-box” scalable system, easily customized to your business rules

• “Fuzzy Matching” ensures accurate member/provider picks from your database

• Auto Adjudication rates increase up to 40 percent

• Operator average throughput increases by 300 percent

• Rapid implementation and minimal impact on IT Resources

• All CyberSource services performed by qualified technicians

• Full featured imaging system included

• Unique Pricing Model

Adaptability. Cybersource Dental has the ability to adapt to a variety of workloads and industries.   Customization. Free and easy configuration of business rules specialized for your company. 
Advanced Engineering. ComCom's engineers will ensure maximum efficiency and accuracy for your Cybersource solution.    Expertise. We've been in capturing data for over 24 years. We're the experts at processing your medical and dental claims.



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