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Five Hot Technology Trends of 2014

on 13 March, 2014

As we continue into the era of smart technology, we observe new trends rapidly taking over the market every day. So far in 2014, these are the five major technological trends that have been capturing the attention of tech-lovers in the U.S. 

1. Cloud Computing

According to PCMag, “cloud computing means storing and accessing data and programs over the internet instead of your computer's hard drive.” Cloud computing allows users to access their files and information on most devices that connect to the internet, giving them the ability to work on a project or view their data in a variety of locations. This is beneficial for students, anybody who works in business or technology, writers, web designers and just about anyone who uses more than one device to access their programs.

 2. Big Data

As discussed in our earlier blog post, the accumulation of big data has opened many doors for marketing, sales and inventory opportunities. Because of the dramatic increase in internet users over the past decade, data comes in many formats and can be put to use in a multitude of ways.If analyzed properly, influential patterns can be detected in databases. More and more companies are starting to utilize and analyze the power trapped in big databases.

3. Apps. Lots of them. For everything.

You can now check your Facebook account, turn off the lights in your house, video chat with your friends, unlock your car and play your favorite game all from one mobile device. How is this possible? Because of mobile apps. Every day, more and more apps are introduced to the market. With today’s world of technology, the possibilities for different apps with unique, helpful features are endless.

4. Wearable Technology

Compact technology doesn’t only come in the form of handheld devices anymore – you can now wear your smart gadgets. Perhaps the most well-known wearable device is Google Glass, a computer in the form of glasses that offers hands-free communication to its users. Other wearable devices include the Fitbit and Nike Fuelband, which track and promote healthy activity. It is likely that more computing devices will become hands-free to evolve with our busy, social lifestyles.

5. 3-D Printing

The recent invention of 3-D printing allows for significant advancements in the worlds of science, health and technology. These printers essentially make a three dimensional object from a digital model on a computer. Many products, such as clothing and decorations, have been produced in wonderful quality because of advanced 3-D printers. These devices have also been used to improve lives in the medical field by producing artificial body parts. 3-D printers may be used in the future for mass production, engineering and/or medical purposes.