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Have a great idea for a new software program? Let us invent it for you through our new ‘Idea Lab.’

on 03 April, 2014

ComCom Systems, Inc. has been developing highly advanced OCR software since 1989. Our engineers aren’t only experts at creating data recognition software – they also have many years of inventing custom technology solutions. We are now making these engineering capabilities available for basically any technological invention through our new Idea Lab. 

ComCom’s new Idea Lab allows for inventive thinkers to request custom technological solutions from our engineers. Here’s how it works:

1. You submit your idea. Whether you need a simple mobile app or a highly complicated software device – we are excited to start turning your idea into reality.

2. We transform your idea to an invention. Our engineers are outside-of-the-box thinkers who strive to provide efficient solutions for affordable prices. You could be just a few weeks away from seeing your idea come to life.

3. Enjoy the results. You will experience speedy implementation and receive unlimited free support with your new technology. 

All ideas submitted are reviewed for free. If you have an idea for custom software that could improve your business or your life, submit it in our new Idea Lab.