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ComCom Releases New Brand

Because of today’s fast-paced technology, the advancements of computer software and the increasing popularity of the internet, it is important for companies to adapt and adjust to the standards of the ever-changing software industry. ComCom Systems Inc., a leading provider of data recognition software and services for the healthcare industry, decided to release its new and improved brand in order to accommodate new customer needs and refresh the way that its products’ benefits are portrayed.

ComCom Systems Inc. intends to advance the level of excellent quality and high-performance software that it has been providing since the company’s founding in 1989, as well as promote the new brand enhancements that have been recently incorporated to meet the newest standards of technology.

ComCom Systems Inc. recently released its latest website, with a viewer-friendly layout and easily accessible information about the company’s products. The website also features the new, refined logo, which represents a target, symbolizing the accuracy of the OCR software.

ComCom Systems Inc. is dedicated to providing the most trustworthy and accurate OCR software. The company aims to accomplish this goal by promoting the 24 year tradition of turning data into knowledge, as well as promoting a new brand to complement growing, dynamic industry.