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ComCom Systems Inc. designs and produces OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Software and Services with industry-leading accuracy for medical and healthcare providers. This week, ComCom released the newest extension of its software, which is designed to process dental paper claims.

 The OCR software for dental features all of the same benefits of the medical software, such as an accelerated processing time, a functional system designed to support a varying workload and the opportunity to significantly reduce labor costs within the company. This software is also equipped with Fuzzy Matching Technology, which is essentially the artificial intelligence and sense of judgment installed in ComCom’s products. The new software is specifically constructed to process the most popular paper dental claims, such as the ADA (American Dental Association) 2006 form.

The internal testing of this product revealed reliable and accurate results, paralleled with ComCom’s medical OCR software, which has been established for over 20 years. Expert installation and training is included in the low, initial purchase cost. The new dental software follows the same format as other ComCom OCR products, making is easily adaptable to existing clients.

ComCom Systems Inc. is excited to release this new product to help meet the needs of its customers and turn their data into knowledge.