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CyberSource Medical

The market's most powerful and accurate solution for claims processing.



CyberSource Medical Claims Scanning Solution, a complete turn key system for HMO, PPO, TPA, or Self Funded Organization, is installed at your location for automated data entry of CMS-1500, ADA-2006 UB-04 and enrollment forms. Using advanced "intelligent" features combined with your business rules, CyberSource recognizes, validates and formats the data from medical claim forms.

Fuzzy Matching performs an intelligent search of your member and provider database correctly identifying the exact match. The matched data is then utilized to verify and correct data on the medical claim before being passed through to adjudication.

The combination of industry-leading OCR efficiency, your business rules and “Fuzzy Matching” results in exceptional accuracy of the data from your medical claims forms. This level of accuracy allows clients to triple operator throughput while increasing auto adjudication rates typically by 40 percent.

CyberSource allows you the flexibility to use our imaging system or your existing imaging system. Images are filed using any recognized data as indexes for future retrieval. Data is then exported seamlessly to the host Adjudication Software in HIPAA Compliant 837 or flat file format. Our “out-of-the-box” model results in rapid implementation and clients go live in as little of five weeks. Since all services are performed by ComCom’s experienced technical team, impact on your IT staff is negligible.

The pricing model for our CyberSource Medical Claims Scanning Solution is structured with a low implementation fee, which allows our clients to achieve a remarkably short payback on their investment. In addition, there are no annual maintenance fees. Our clients only pay for what they use and are billed monthly, which has repeatedly proven to be less expensive than outsourcing your Medical Claims scanning. One of our new clients commented, “You implemented a complete OCR solution for a fraction of what we would have spent to upgrade to 5010 with our old vendor, not to mention what the additional implementation and programming services would have cost”.

ComCom provides on-site installation, setup, training and testing for the initial startup phase of your automated data entry and imaging applications. Additional training, consulting or performance tuning is available at your site or remotely by ComCom’s technical team as required.

• Complete “out-of-the-box” scalable system, easily customized to your business rules

• “Fuzzy Matching” ensures accurate member/provider picks from your database

• Auto Adjudication rates increase up to 40 percent

• Operator average throughput increases by 300 percent

• Rapid implementation and minimal impact on IT Resources

• All CyberSource services performed by qualified technicians

• Full featured imaging system included

• Unique Pricing Model

Adaptability. Cybersource Medical has the ability to adapt to a variety of workloads and industries.   Customization. Free and easy configuration of business rules specialized for your company. 
Advanced Engineering. ComCom's engineers will ensure maximum efficiency and accuracy for your Cybersource solution.    Expertise. We've been in capturing data for over 24 years. We're the experts at processing your medical and dental claims.



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