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Data Cleansing

Clean, organize and optimize your database.

PureInfo, a unique tool developed by ComCom Systems, identifies and corrects inconsistencies in data through the use of Fuzzy Matching algorithms. PureInfo also deletes exact or closely matching duplicate records, allowing for clear, consistent and organized data. ComCom’s database scrubbing technology raises the standard of purity in client databases by making highly intelligent inferences about data containing similar information. PureInfo analyzes data for close variations, and then deletes repeat information to normalize and essentially “clean” databases.


• Equipped with Fuzzy Matching Technology

• Setting to Allow For Manual Review

• User-selectable Confidence Levels to Trigger Automatic Cleanup

• Configurable to Client Needs

• Ability to Detect Many Types of Variations

Unique Pricing. Our performance-based pricing model ensures an affordable price for our data cleansing solution.   Sophisticated Technology. ComCom's signature Fuzzy Matching technology finds and repairs inconsistencies in data. 
ROI. Decrease expenses from duplicated or inconsistent data while also reducing labor costs.   Usability. Maximize your performance of database scrubbing with easily configurable user interface.



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