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Forms Processing OCR Software

Industry-leading accuracy for an affordable price.


ComCom’s forms processing software combines our highly efficient OCR (Optical Character Recognition) capabilities with custom engineering to give you the ability to capture the information trapped on any form. If you have data on paper, we can help you capture it. Benefits include:

• A unique pricing model that allows for an affordable solution

• Fuzzy Matching Technology, ComCom’s intelligent data matching ability

• Fast implementation time

• Fully customizable templates

“Fuzzy Matching” performs an intelligent search to substitute known good data from your database which improves data capture accuracy and eliminate errors in the original document or errors from manual data entry. The combination of industry-leading OCR accuracy, your business rules and “Fuzzy Matching” result in exceptional accuracy to meet your forms processing requirements.

Traditionally, customization of business rules required costly and time-consuming programming provided by the software vendor. With ComCom’s Forms Processing software, this task is easily accomplished with an easy-to-use and powerful graphical user interface.

ComCom’s unique pricing model is structured with a remarkably low implementation fee, which gives you a significantly short return on Investment resulting in almost immediate savings. In addition, there are no annual maintenance fees. You’ll be billed monthly based upon actual usage, resulting in a predictable and cost effective solution for your data capture project.

Any information trapped in a form can be quickly scanned and recognized. This includes:

• Invoices

• Waybills

• Order Forms

• Workers' Compensation

• Financial Statments

• Frequent Flier Statemetns

• Reports

• and more that can all be acquired and formatted automatically for input into a database or other applications.


Throughput. Scan and process your forms up to four times faster than with manual data entry.   Implementation. Experience fast and easy implementation from ComCom's knowlegable staff.
ROI. Save money by reducing labor costs and increasing the amount of forms you process per day.   Usability. Configurable screens and keyboard programming allow for maximum user flexibility.



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